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Jeff Stibel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Web.com, Inc., presides over the opening bell.

NASDAQ - Jun 15, 2007

Gonzalo Troncoso, Chief Financial Officer of Web.com and Jeff Stibel, ... Jeff Stibel, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Gonzalo Troncoso, ...


Go get it Yourself!

Forbes - Feb 22, 2008

Just ask Jeff Stibel, chief executive of Website Pros (nasdaq: WSPI - news - people ), a 700-employee company that provides Web site hosting, marketing and ...

BusinessWeek Logo

Young Turks in the Corner Office

BusinessWeek - Apr 12, 2009

It's not surprising that the majority of these youthful CEOs, such as Jordan Greenhall, 35, of digital video compression software maker DivX and Jeff Stibel ...

The Boston Globe

A gentler way to start the day

Boston Globe - Mar 28, 2005

Axon has also recruited seasoned entrepreneurs such as Jeff Stibel to its board. Stibel was a graduate student at Brown when he started Simpli.com, ...

Business Mirror

Are you an inventor or an entrepreneur?

Business Mirror - Jul 12, 2009

... plan...and let your company succeed. Jeff Stibel is the president of Web.com, as well as the named inventor on the US patent for search engine interfaces.


Bloomberg.com: Personal Finance

Bloomberg - Sep 23, 2008

... full-service online marketing and website solutions as a complement to their popular online listing services," stated Jeff Stibel, President of Web.com. ... 


Small business: Boost your business by expanding online

CNNMoney.com - Jan 25, 2007

To that end, Jeff Stibel, CEO of Web.com, offers these 10 tips for small-business owners. 1. Stand out from the competition. Online you can be compared ...

Fox Business

Website Pros Chairman And President Ring Nasdaq Closing Bell

FOXBusiness - Jun 6, 2008

David Brown, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Website Pros, Inc., and Jeff Stibel, President, will preside over the Closing Bell in celebration ...


Simpli.com Uses Linguistics to Help

Wall Street Journal Online - Dow Jones & Company - Feb 7, 2000

"What search engines need is nonambiguous information to direct searches to a specific target," says Simpli's chief executive Jeff Stibel. ..

The Boston Globe

CyberKinetics' Brain-to-Computer Interface Gets a Second Chance

Boston Golbe - Aug 12, 2009

"When Jeff Stibel was a grad student at the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University, he was fascinated by the profs and fellow students who were working on a project called BrainGate..."


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